Custom Goals

We have a range of ranks offered to clan members who have achieved great things. These give you goals to work toward in the late game, and a reason to celebrate your achievements.

Weekly Competitions

In the clan there are weekly competitions. These are both in randomly selected skills, for general xp gains, and sometimes something completely different. Competition can be heated, and even if you don't win, there's always next week.

Strategy Discussions

Many of our players have a lot of experience and unique perspectives of the game, offering opportunities to discuss the many ways to play the game. The most efficient methods, the best way to afk, in depth game mechanics, and a range of snowflake accounts, we love a good chat.

Friendly Chats

Ultimately the clan is about a friendly community. We chat about our lives, have some friendly banter, and keep each other company as we grind. We're a group of friends that like to play together, and we do not accept hurtful behaviour.

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